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Your Source for Authentic Ethnic Dairy Products in Europe



Discover the rich blend of tradition and innovation at Pito, where we bring you a wide array of dairy delights crafted to perfection for diverse ethnic groups. Our journey began with a vision to provide a wholesome alternative to the challenge of accessing authentic dairy products in Europe.

Our Story

Pito emerged from the need to safeguard the well-being of our compatriots in EU countries. Say goodbye to relying on unauthorized oriental dairy imports with questionable storage conditions. We've taken a bold step by producing premium dairy products approved by the European Union. Operating from the Netherlands, our production adheres to EU standards while catering to the distinct taste preferences of various ethnic groups.

  • Tailored for diverse ethnic tastes
  •  Compliant with EU laws 
  • Constant innovation in flavors and product offerings

Production Excellence in the Netherlands

Situated in the Netherlands, our state-of-the-art factory employs fresh and healthy raw materials, ensuring our dairy products meet the latest European standards. Experience the superior taste of our products, available in stores across Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia.

Why Choose Pito?

1. Compliance with EU Standards:

 - Our products adhere to the Health and Hygiene Standards of the European Union.
- Developed in consultation with food industry experts for an authentic taste.

2. Product Variety:

 - Catering to diverse ethnicities and nationalities with innovative flavors.
- From Kashk to authentic eastern desserts, our range reflects the taste of our global audience.

3. Ultimate Health Assurance:

 - Produced under the supervision of the Dutch Ministry of Health.
- Finest raw materials processed with Pito's exclusive formulation for a healthy product.

Our customers