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We are constantly researching and developing new products to satisfy our customers' diverse preferences.


Pito is the first and only company licensed to produce Kashk in Europe by the Dutch Ministry of Health. Pito's Kashk is available in diverse and innovative flavors for various uses.

Yogurt Drink

Yoghurt drankje
Yogurt drink is a popular dairy product by Pito, available in various flavors, carbonated or non-carbonated, to suit different tastes. With a high concentration of yogurt, it is one of Pito's most sought-after products.


benefits of jameed
Jameed is a popular dairy product in the Middle East, used to prepare various dishes in Arab countries.

Genuine Iranian and Middle Eastern Dairy Products, Produced in the Netherlands

Pito was established with the purpose of providing authentic dairy products that are unique to the Middle East region to Persian, Turkish, and Arab immigrants residing in Europe. However, due to its diverse range of products, Pito has now been able to expand its reach and cater to European and American audiences as well.

What are the Benefits of Pito's Products?

Pito's products are manufactured in compliance with the health and hygiene standards set by the European Union. The entire process of transporting these products to stores and distribution centers is carried out in a safe and controlled manner. A new formulation that the European Union has approved is used to create a delicious and memorable taste of dairy products.

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